Crypto Investment scams

Crypto Investment scams

Crypto scammer will trick you into investing with them, they will claim to be legitimate and turn you to create an account with their website. Gradually as your investment profit increases, they’ll keep on upgrading their rules and regulations, include withdrawal taxes and other charges. Once you pay for this so called taxes and withdrawal fees, it keeps on increasing and they’ll bring another complain or tricks to extort more money from you. This is a red flag once you start getting such information or complains. Most of these scammers are from overseas and work extremely hard to con people. They mostly use WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and other chat applications to start a solid conversation with victims. Although these Apps are also used by legitimate businesses, scammers are more likely to use them. Scammers will promise you high returns on investment just to convince you into investing with their fake platforms. As long as they can keep you within them, they’ll continuously look for other ways to extort money from you. We have done researches and caught many scammers who provide us with some of these information. Our Main objective is to recover all your stolen cryptocurrencies from scammers, fake investment websites, hacked crypto accounts and other lost funds through crypto.

Hack Savvy Tech Recovery team of forensic cryptocurrency investigators have extensive experience in conducting large, complex investigations. Our proprietary software identifies links between cryptocurrency addresses and entities, such as criminals, dark markets, mixers, and fiat on and off-ramps. Our retained services can create documentation that serve as actionable intelligence for law enforcement cases against money laundering, narcotics trafficking, terrorism financing, ransomware, and more. Hack Savvy Tech Recovery provides written, detailed reports on the investigations conducted, which have been utilized and proven in judicial proceedings. Our expert witness services  and professional Blockchain Engineers always help when it comes time to prosecute and recover lost or stolen digital assets.

Hack Savvy Tech Recovery also offers pro bono investigations via the Defenders League—a group of volunteers from colleges and universities around the world trained to trace funds lost in cryptocurrency fraud and theft. With the upward trend of growing crypto theft, scams and fraud, law enforcement is forced to focus on large, high-profile cases while victims of “smaller” losses are often left to their own devices. However, these “smaller” losses can add up to big numbers, damaging trust in the industry .This is why the Hack Savvy Tech Recovery Defenders League’s services are available pro bono, as it marks a significant step forward towards Hack Savvy Tech Recovery goal of making crypto a safe, trusted and broadly adopted asset class.

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